WORKSIGHT is the workstyle strategic media for a business person to think about the working environment. It is focusing on the perspective of re-designing the working environment which is consisting of work space and work policy.

WORKSIGHT as media is composed of magazine, website, and events. Magazine is published twice a year, and articles on internet media “” are updated weekly. In addition, the editorial members aim to create community for business people to think about the working environment by Hosting various kinds of events.

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Turning Tourist Center Camden into an
Innovative Business Hub

Co-working Space Based in Camden Market | [LABS] London, UK

London’s Camden has been a popular market and tourist destination since the 1970s. Three co-working spaces have been created since November 2015, ‘Triangle’ and ‘Atrium’ within Camden Market, and ‘Utopia’ to the west of the market. The spaces are managed and operated by the company LABS.

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Design to resolve poverty.

Implementing impactful investments | [Acumen] New York, USA

Acumen is a socially-oriented investment fund aimed at finding solutions to global poverty. It works to promote the economic independence of poor regions by building businesses that provide critical goods and services to the needy, and are financed by philanthropic capital. Up to now 81 companies have provided access to services for more than 100 million low-income people, and nearly 60,000 jobs have been established.

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A Major hub accelerating the rise of startups in New York.

[Grand Central Tech] New York, USA

“New York is the best place in the country to establish your company. New York has a holistic, robust economy. There are creatives making theater, artists, bankers, people in media and entertainment, people in content and publishing. All of those industries are well represented here, and then there’s a strong tech sector. You have a more healthy, enjoyable economy which is not always the case in places like San Francisco, where everyone is working on tech. It’s nice for people to be in a more diverse environment, from a thought perspective and from a population perspective. That will ultimately spur healthier, more interesting businesses.”

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An equitable and sustainable future
born from open innovation.

Innovation laboratory creating future options | [SPACE10] Copenhagen, Denmark

Even as some large corporations are questioning the importance of open innovation, there are institutions whose unique activities in this area are attracting attention. One of these is SPACE10, the innovation laboratory of famous Scandinavian furniture brand IKEA. It opened in 2016 in Copenhagen as a place to create new ideas, and to look at IKEA’s vision, “To create a better everyday life for many people,” from a new perspective. Unique about SPACE10 is that it is an external unit independent from IKEA, and that it works in a completely different way from the core business of IKEA.

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An unusual matching to contribute to society.

A working space for people with a commitment to environmental protection | [Green Space] New York, USA

Located in Manhattan, Green Space is a coworking space where people committed to environmental conservation gather. There are currently about 100 members. With an excellent location convenient for transportation, people come from New Jersey, Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens and Pennsylvania. They represent many different kinds of activities. Other people are working on poverty issues. Even with the green focus, there are entrepreneurs, people from NPOs and freelancers here.

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An Innovation Platform, Bringing Breakthroughs
to Corporations and Society.

A Small Start Leading to a Chain of Innovation | [Aalto Design Factory] Espoo, Finland

In a space surrounded by prototypes, creativity is stimulated Creating design to astonish the world. On the campus are passionate students and the prototypes they have created.

Finland is a small country, but one whose corporations are global leaders in innovation; its Aalto University was created to help handle the national issues facing the country. It was founded in 2010, through the merger of the Helsinki University of Technology, the Helsinki School of Economics and the University of Art and Design Helsinki, with funding from the government, business and the university itself.

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Concerns within a company are solved by changing the work environment.

WORKSIGHT LAB, a research institution in KOKUYO group, issues WORKSIGHT magazine. WORKSIGHT LAB is a research institution to pursue next-generation way of working / how to learn, to provide solutions and practical knowledge.