KOKUYO New Way of Work

Commencing Business at the Tokyo Shinagawa SST Office

Implementing work style reforms

In October 2017, KOKUYO established and moved its
operations in the Tokyo region to a new office; on October 2,
business commenced at the Tokyo Shinagawa SST Office.
The goals of the move were the re-centralization and optimization
of our management resources, efficiency improvements,
and the establishment of a new work style suited to KOKUYO.
For some time now, the company has been working hard to
develop a variety of new products and design a range of
business spaces that would contribute to work style reforms
at its Japanese offices. In order to take our initiatives one step
further and foster a corporate culture that draws out value
from our employees, we established the Tokyo Shinagawa
SST Office.

The new office locates all departments on a single floor.
By removing both physical and psychological barriers between
different departments to ensure smooth communication and
enhanced collaboration, the office is designed to improve
workplace productivity. With the exception of staff who require
specialized terminals for their work, for example, the office
operates a system where employees are free to change desk.
We hope that by changing where they sit on a daily basis and
thereby expanding their observable world, employees will be
encouraged to have new realizations and ideas, and that
inter-staff communications will improve. Of course, we realize
that establishing a new office will not solve all our problems
in one go. However, we firmly believe that the experience
of thinking about, trying out, and implementing such work
style reforms ourselves will lead to suggestions beneficial

KOKUYO aims to be a Life & Work Style Company useful to society by “improving Quality of Life“.

Future Workplace

Research shows that employees who work in an activity based workplace environment that support this kind of work-style, see significant personal and organisational benefits. But there are still large numbers of employees are failing to adopt this behaviours necessary to realise the full potential benefits of these surroundings.


This type of profile perform most or all of work activities at a single desk setting and rarely use other locations within the office



This type of profile perform majority of work activities at a single work setting but sometimes uses other locations within the office.


This type of profile perform some of the work activities at a single work setting but often use other locations within the office.


This type of profile use multiple work settings and rarely base at a single location within the office. Apart from office i.e cafes

Shinagawa Season Terrace office is the new center office in the metropolitan area, and all the staffs of stationery business, furniture business and cooperate work gather around on the same floor. The concept of the new office is “ONE STROKE. NO LOOP. NO END.”, and we have built up the new circumstance where the staffs can enjoy the continuous change by endless dialogs and updates. This new office is designed for the faster speed of overcoming the business challenges. And it encourages the staffs to gather around voluntary and to make a team to improve the staffs’ creativity. KOKUYO is trying to be an innovative organization across different business fields.

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