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Space and Collaboration.
Designed with the intention to solve many organizations’ problems. ZANTE provides the solutions for the ever changing office environment and set-up. It aims to increase work and space efficiency by meeting the needs of individuals and teams

ZANTE is straightforward, functional and flexible in many ways. The modular workspace system makes it flexible to accommodate different workplace settings and configurations. From individual focus to team work formation style, this flexibility allows maximum use of the office space.

Technical Efficiency

The construction of the ZANTE workbench is to serve for better durability, support and wire management. With its 45degrees pole underneath the table, it provides a sturdy support. And it has the widest under table wire tray in its category.

Better Support and Wire Management

The middle leg width is the largest in it category. With the purpose of a better middle support as well as the leg is width enough for better wire management and distribution.

More Legs Space

The bench could goes up to 10m in length.
With no middle leg obstructing underneath the table, it caters for more people to sit.

Bench Type

With desk top and end panel

With Side return and desk top panel

Booth Type

Boomerang Type

Management Desk

L-shape Table

Conference Table with wire management

Conference Table

Top Board

Leg Finish

Fabric Colours for Panel

Tier 1

Tier 2