WT 300

WT 300


WT-300 Conference table serves as an excellent choice for Organisations that value a sense of Premium and dynamism.

WT-300 Series meeting table represents high quality, perfectly designed and crafted. From define details to the overall look, it just takes your breath away as it stands as an Icon right in your boardroom. Fluid Style. Maximum Strength.

The premium look of the WT-300 Series is the result of achieving the seriousness and prestige look of the boardroom. The table tops are available in Laminated or veneer.

The design of the legs provides the durability and strength that could have the table seat up to 12 people with the length of 4800mm. The finest details come from the edge of the table top. Whether is a rounded corner, thin or using of 2 different colours.


Seamless Wire Management

Optional wire tray can be install on the table top, complete with under table wire tray for seamless wire management from the ground to the table top, supporting the way you work.

Rectangle Shaped

Rectangle Shaped with middle leg

Rectangle Shaped with middle leg and full wire management

Boat Shaped with full wire management

Boat Shaped with full wire management

Round Shaped with full wire management

Legs Colours

Table Top Colours

Table Top Edging


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