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The evolution of casual looking furniture that makes you feel like at home has been evolving in this current office trends.
 Employees prefer to work in an environment that they feel a sense of belonging. The office space has to be a place that able to boost the employee’s well-being and performance.
Management has adopted furniture and interior design in designated office space or area to be cosy just like their homes, by doing so, to enhance the employee’s well-being, creativity and thus improve on work performances.
Research has also shown that more and more employees will spend more free time within the office and to take a moment to relax and having some social time with their colleagues.
Days office series consisted of Days Chairs / Days Tables / Days Boundary
It supported the activity based working style (ABW) that enables the employees to work anywhere within the office’s environment.
Days office comprises a series of furniture that are made of wood and metal. Furniture range from casual stacking chairs, high stools, sofa for the lounge area, flappable and stackable tables.
The series of furniture are in casual and vibrant finishes and colours to revitalise the office’s environments that aim to make your office space a better place to work in.
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1. All in One!

A new way to spend time at the office
is be able to provide a comprehensive furniture range within the office area. Different ranges of furniture from chairs to tables and shelving support the way we work. Just one collection, complete your office outlook and design taste.


2. Total Space and co-ordination.

Comprehensive is the way forward. Varies furniture selections to create the office look to achieve. A causal space and environment that also support Activities base work style. The furniture colours selections aim to make the whole selection cosy and comfortable.


3. Seamless assembly, easy and fast.

There is no need to engage professional installer to assemble the furniture. It can be easily assemble and also re-location. All assemble work can take place from a small area and eventually spread through the rest of the office space and area.


4. Pleasant and cosy Office.

Anyone can be a planner with DAYS OFFICE collection. There is no need to engage professional interior designer, just simply plan and install, simple and no frill.


5. Chairs that sit well at home too.

DAYS OFFICE chairs are designed in the way that is also suitable and compatible for home owners and users. The design can sit in seamlessly and prettily in any of the modern contemporary homes.


6. The experiential experience.

In ‘Live Office’, Kokuyo Employees actually work in the DAYS OFFICE experience. It gives you the experience unlike the typical office furniture, thus it aims to improve the well being of the employees.

offset frame_banner2

offset frame

Designed by nendo;
offset frame chair is casual stacking chair that has a variety of purposes ranging from placing it in meeting areas or open spaces of an office.

Designed by nendo, although the composition of the chair is simple, comprised of the combination of a plastic resin shell with a unified back and seat section and a metal frame, it has a design feature detailing the frame section slightly “protruding” from the shell. This has allowed the chair

to be pulled out effortlessly just by holding on to the back frame, and has also enabled it to be trailed sideways or carried around and stacked with ease, just by taking hold of the frame on the side of the seat.

Sleek with Variations
A rich variation is available, with 8 different models with different frames ranging from arm chairs, caster chairs and single-legged chairs, with 6 colour variations for the shells and 3 colours variations for the frames, detachable fabric and leather covers to choose from

offset frame _ feature1
offset frame _ feature2
wood tilt_banner

wood side / wood tilt bench

The wood side is a wooden chair featuring a clean cut designed leg and a backrest that wrapped around your back.
Its shape and warmth of natural wood colour finishes are easy on the eyes, ideal for a breakout zone for a little breather or lunch.
Perfect for a social space and of course they can be easily stack away when not in use.

Tilt wood bench is a wooden bench made to match the tilt.
The bench without a backrest is designed with an open-minded and casual impression.
It is flexible, looks relaxing for the causal users. It can accommodate from a handful of people to even a group.

hang like_banner

hang like

Hang-like is a design that looks like “hooked”, with four distinctive backs in an infinitely simple frame.

Depending on the combination of shape and colour, by combining the right combination, it is capable to enrich the expression of the space. With its palette of colours, it adds the touch of cosiness to the ambience.
With its gentle curved surface back rest, it makes sitting for long period comfortable and relaxing and with different variations, it completes the full collection of the hang like theme. Having said that, hang like is ideal for home furnishing too.

wood tilt banner

wood tilt

The wood tilt table is a good-looking table with A-shaped leg giving a moderate tough and yet the warmth expression due to the use of natural wood.

It is designed to get blend with the work scene without sacrificing the comfort.
Moreover, by using the top board flap and one side caster, it made it possible to re-locate or move to another location. Flap it, lift it and move it! wood tilt is flexible, spacer saver and easily blend into all kind of office environments.

woode tilt_feature1
woode tilt_feature2
flip top banner

flip top

Flip top comes with an impressive flat base shape.
flip top is an ideal table that cater for meeting to use it for solo work in a relaxed surrounding. It sits in seamlessly in various situation and events.

Also, the trait of the table is it’s mobility that can not be imagined from an elegant base design whereby is borned out of an extremely low floor caster.
Along with the flap function, it is easy for storage purpose.

pile pipe banner

pile pipe

Pile pipe is a seamless design “one stroke” writing table.
We pursued a simple beauty of minimalist that reduced complexity and yet embracing calm of the outlook, and it became a table with an simple shape and warmth, light expression.

Moreover, this design is not only beautify but practical and functional. You can stack the table to save space and also comes with a hidden castor for easy transportation.

big counter_banner

big table / big counter

People will come together naturally to starts a communication. That’s its core existence of the big counter.

By installing a low table at the counter, we have a cafe corner that comes with full power outlet for both inside and outside of the counter. When surrounding by a big table, causal conversation with start naturally with co-colleagues sitting next to each other. The big counter provide a comfortable distance between the conservationist that won’t feel the intrude of privacy. A ‘tower’ can be built at the top, so that pendant lights and plants can be hang, thus creating a gentle space of boundary.

wall shelf_banner

wall shelf

Wall shelf that allows you to use it as a soft partition space without making you feel confine to a within space given.

With the opening in-between the shelf, it gives you a glimpse of the situation outside of the space. The overall of the shelf serve as a general purpose to decorate the office space. Choose from varies height to complete the layout.
The three-dimensional configured shelves not only  stored decorative items or books and magazines, but also to pass wiring cords inside
Because of this feature, smart installation such as audio is possible.

big counter_feature1
big counter_feature2
wall shelf_feature1
wall shelf_feature2
wired sofa_banner

wired sofa

Be it a cafe scene or a lounge area, wired sofa is the ideal sofa. Configuration such as back panel is an option to improve the sitting comfort. Comes with additional optional cushions, to help the user feel more comfortable and cosy.

A power outlet wrapped by a piece of cloth on the seating cushion, this enable
individual to work using PC and tablet while charging the device. wired sofa is an ideal piece of sofa that sits well in all lounge and social spaces.

ladder screen_banner

ladder screen

ladder screens comes with a variation of wall type which place against the wall directly or individual stand alone shelving that can be use as a divider for space within the space.

There are two types of ladder screen. White board, book stand, pin-up board etc
Option parts can be freely removed and replaced.
The whole idea of placing the ladder screen is to refresh and improve the whole ambience of the office space.

wired sofa_feature1
wired sofa_feature2
ladder screen_feature1
ladder screen_feature2

For all individual products dimensions, colours and materials selections, please download the Days Office catalogue for more information

offset frame Chair (by nendo)


wood side Chair

dimension row

hang like Chair

dimension row_1
dimension row_2

flip top table

dimension row_1

wood tilt table

dimension row_1
dimension row_2

pile pipe table

dimension row_1

Big Counter


* For individual counter dimension and specifications please refer to online brochure

Big Counter


Wall Shelf


* For individual counter and table dimensions and specifications please refer to online brochure

Wired Sofa


* For sofa dimensions and specifications please refer to online brochure

Ladar Screen



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