Bezel is the chair that works for you.
It combines functionality and designs as one. Available in either black or white back frame, it gives the touch of elegant and exclusivity. Pack with the latest technology of the lumbar support, it provides the unparalleled support and comfort. Bezel is the chair for the future.

Modern in design, demand in support.
The Bezel chair comes with the option of having the headrest. It latest lumbar support is one of the kind in the industry. Comes with a knob, simply turn the knob to adjust the level of the back support, seamlessly. And with the new innovated seat cushion, it gives a well-rounded support from your waist down all the way to your thighs that improves your sitting posture.


The Lumbar Support Technology

The lumbar support comes with one of the kinds knob adjusters. By just turning the knob clockwise, the lumbar belt will be tightened to give a better support at the lower region of the lumbar, thus it improves your sitting posture. Losing the tension by turning the knob anti-clockwise.

Innovative Armrest


The armrest is meant to support the user at different sitting position and posture while using different gadgets. It supports your body at different angles and movements and at the same time release the stress at your elbow region.

White frame with headrest, lumbar support, and adjustable armrest

Black frame with headrest, lumbar support, and fixed armrest

Black frame with textured mesh fabric and adjustable armrest

Black frame with textured mesh fabric and fixed armrest

White frame with  lumbar support and adjustable armrest

Black frame with lumbar support and fixed armrest

Black frame with no armrest

Frame Colour

Backrest Mesh Fabric

Textured Mesh Fabric Colours (Backrest)

Textured Mesh Fabric Colours (Seat Fabric)

Mesh Fabric Colours (Backrest)

Mesh Fabric Colours (Seat Fabric)


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