The Human body is built to Move.

New Era of Work style

Humans are creatures that love to sit.
However, the human body is not built to
continue sitting for a long time to work
on the computer.

There are more than 360 joints and
about 700 skeletal muscles in the human
body, and as they move, they enhance
the performance of nerve cells.
In short, the human body is
built to move.
KOKUYO’s ing was born out of
this mechanism.



ing‘ is the new in.

Shape the way we sit…
The idea of sitting on the exercise ball versus a traditional
office chair at work, is that this change can increase our
core strength, since the abdominal muscles
must be constantly engaged to balance our body in order to
avoid falling off.

Improving our core strength means improving the sitting
posture, balance, and stability.
Proponents also cite through increasing periods,
it also aid the increased calorie burn as a benefit of
maintaining your balance throughout the day.

With great emphasis on the “sitting disease”  as well as the topic of if “Sitting the new smoking”, we believe that the increase of physical activities is the remedy to enable our body function the way that our body was built to. With the demand of standing desks and escalated cost of inputting the height adjustable mechanism in the table, the rising cost of the tables has been a draw back.

We KOKUYO has integrated the mechanism in the chair that prone unlimited movement while sitting down, this could be the new era that shape the way we work.


Freedom to Move

Movement allows the chair to fit any body type.
Since the mechanisms naturally follow the movement of
any body type or weight, you do not have to adjust the chair position
with a lever.

Unlock body pressure

Movement disperses the body pressure.
Since the seat swings in response to body movements, the body
pressure is dispersed in a balanced manner, reducing strain on the body.

360° gliding Mechanism

The ing chair is equipped with a gliding
mechanical structure below the seat, which
moves 360° in response to a person’s subtle

Better Posture and Support

The spine forms a natural S-shaped curve by
moving. Since the ing chair helps maintain the pelvis,
the base of your body, at an optimal angle, you can
maintain correct sitting posture, that is, an S-shaped
curve of the spine in a natural manner.

Define the way we work


A chair that has long existed to support the body now becomes something
that moves the body and makes the workplace vibrant.

Sitting no longer means staying still.