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The Corporation We want to be in the Future

KOKUYO aims to be a Life & Work Style Company useful to society by “improving Quality of Life” of persons by their improved working/learning/ living through our products and services which provide the value of improving clients’ creativity.

KOKUYO has built its history of a hundred-and-some years by earnestly facing issues of customers as they changed with the times and finding the solution for each one. This attitude remains the same today, though it is said to be uncertain times as societal and commercial issues are entangled with increased complexity.

Under a new management system, we will do our utmost to provide value which contributes to the realization of a sustainable society by placing importance on facing issues of both the customer and society while being flexible in the forms solutions may take.


The Corporation We want to be.

In working toward becoming “the corporation we want to be in the future,” we would like to proactively press forward with operations with corporate social responsibility, satisfying the expectations of various stakeholders — the customers, the shareholders, the clients, the community, the employees, and the ecological environment.

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