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The Human body is built to Move.

New Era of Work style

Humans are creatures that love to sit.
However, the human body is not built to
continue sitting for a long time to work
in front of the computer.

There are more than 360 joints and
about 700 skeletal muscles in the human
body, and as they move, they enhance
the performance of nerve cells.

In short, the human body is
built to move.
KOKUYO’s ing was born out of
this mechanism.

Above images from ORGATEC Fair 2018


The KOKUYO Group philosophy is to enrich the world through our products. We are constantly looking for ways to make people more creative through careful observation of their lives and work. Stationery is an important tool for intellectual activities, and furniture is an essential factor in composing a space for such activities. By developing products that capture user needs and by offering suggestions on the use of such products, our goal is to develop a more creative society.

KOKUYO Furniture

KOKUYO’s furniture business is involved in the production and sale of office furniture and furniture for public spaces, as well as the configuration of various kinds of public and commercial spaces. Together with our customers, we create “spatial values”. While providing a full spectrum of services to ensure the successful completion of every project, from initial site status surveys, to development of special designs that fully reflect corporate strategy, work flows, and the distinctive features of each facility.

about KOKUYO

Corporate Profile

 “Aiming to Realize a sustainable society by seriously Accepting and Confronting Difficult Challenges facing Customers and Communities.”

Hidekuni Kuroda

Representative Director of the Board | President and CEO | KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

 “KOKUYO aims to be a Life & Work Style
Company that enriches society by providing value through our products and services to enhance customers’ creativity and to deliver improvements to their Quality of Life so that they can work, learn and live better.”

To this end, since
FY2016, under the three-year, medium-term management plan “Self-reform focusing on value creation – Value Transformation 2018,” we have been working on “operating model reform” that realizes customer-oriented value creation and the “development of sustainable profitability” to enable medium- to long-term sustainable growth.

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October 15th 2018

Exhibition at ORGATEC 2018
– KOKUYO to showcase the 360° Gliding Chair ing –

OSAKA, Japan, October 15, 2018 – KOKUYO Co., Ltd., (headquartered in Osaka; president and CEO: Hidekuni Kuroda) will exhibit at ORGATEC 2018 (International Trade Fair for Furnishing and Management of Offices and Office Facilities 2018) held in Cologne, Germany, from October 23–27, 2018.
The key phrase for the exhibition is “360° Gliding.” After its release in the domestic market in November 2017, KOKUYO will present the ing office chair to overseas markets. The seat of the ing chair glides forward and backward to the left and right 360°.
At KOKUYO’s exhibition booth, the main feature of the ing chair is a gliding mechanism structure that will be arranged symbolically to offer a place where visitors can experience a new sense of the swinging seat.
We want to take this opportunity to improve the recognition of our company as a global brand of office furniture and to gear up for our penetration into the markets of Asia and other parts of the world.

An international trade fair for office furniture of the world’s largest class held every other year in Cologne, Germany, with the participation of major companies in office-related equipment and instruments, lighting, audio, security, and other fields; the previous ORGATEC 2016 had exhibitions by 671 companies from 40 countries and more than 56,000 visitors from 118 countries.
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