Our Philosophy

Starting with KOKUYO
Working, Learning, Living
for the Future

A border-less world, a highly information-oriented society, and
a declining birthrate and an ageing population—these are some of
the major trends of our times. The issues surrounding our work and
private lives are becoming increasingly diverse and complex and, in
recent years, work style reforms have also become a major theme for
society as a whole.

Amid such change, KOKUYO’s determination to meet the challenges
both of society and of our customers remains steadfast; indeed, it has
been a core principle of our company for over 100 years, and will
continue to be so.

At KOKUYO, we seek to ensure that our customers can continue to work,
learn, and live in an ever-more creative and fruitful manner.
To this end, we intend to astutely grasp the changes of the times, and
work hard to offer products and services that both lead to the creation
of unique KOKUYO values and contribute to problem solving.

KOKUYO’s Three Business Areas

KOKUYO’s stationery business has always focused on providing value to the customer, and to maximize that value we have adopted an “axial” value chain business model which links together development, production, sales and distribution.
KOKUYO’s furniture business is involved in the production and sale of office furniture, store fixtures and furniture for public spaces, as well as the configuration of various kinds of public and commercial spaces.
In the office mail-order business, centered on the “Kaunet” office mail-order business in Japan, the Company has developed diversified businesses such as mail-order businesses for individuals, a wholesale business, electronic purchasing systems, and the operation of information sites and aims at contributing to customers by providing ‘things (mono),’ ‘systems,’ and ‘information.’

Global Expertise, Local Support

Creating Spatial Values.

Together with our customers, we work together to complete the project with initial site status surveys to development of special designs that fully reflect the corporate strategy, work flows and the distinctive features of each facility.


KOKUYO Furniture

Pursuing new ways of working
We design and plan the interiors of commercial office, public spaces and several commercial projects, at the same time we manufacture office furniture and store fixtures. Starting from a status survey, we provide comprehensive projects proposal, management and spatial design to match our clients’ corporate Strategy, work style and expectations. Through these, we create spatial value together with our customers.


Space Design

We support more than 1,000 spatial design projects a year, including offices, hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals and cultural facilities.


Furniture Products

Our furniture is designed in mind based on user’s style, habits and practicality. With this, we proposed and designed furniture to meet our customer’s expectations.


Showrooms / Live Offices

We create and designed our Showrooms and offices based on actual work-style. We aim to create the real working experience using our furniture to achieve the ‘live’ experience.