KREI Open Source Studio


KREI Open Source Studio

About KREI

KREI OPEN SOURCE STUDIO is, and creative center of KOKUYO group that aims to create new ways of working through the collaboration, and a work space by the aggregate co-lab of independent creators, event space to inspire creativity “KREI It has been constructed by SALON “.


Named KREI (clay), which means “creative to” in Esperanto, as a creative studio for creative and experimental, since its establishment in May 2010, and in-house designer is Kokuyo Group employees co- independent creators of the lab is, and joint promotion of exchanges and projects of knowledge, by activities with implications beyond the framework of the organization in an open source format, we aim to improve the quality of the output.


KREI Salon

Space of the ceiling height 5.5m, surrounded by contemporary art books and materials exhibition, conference as an event space, “KREI SALON” that inspired the creativity, in part-time rental for those who have been the creative activities, seminars, work shops, such as talk events, in addition we have on utilized in various scenes of the creative field, we plan calling your own project. Also usually when there is no lending, Kokuyo Group employees and co-lab members who use as a shared workspace.

KREI SALON (Clay Salon) is located in the co-lab Nishi-Azabu of the underground, it is a community space available at the various scenes of the creative field.

But usually it has been used as a collaborative workspace for in-house designers and co-lab Nishi-Azabu members of Kokuyo Creative Center, widely open for those of outside, which is a creative activity, the people of a wide range of genres gatherings, carry out the exchange of knowledge, you have your loan as a place of creativity development.

Your meeting is, of course, exchange meetings, workshops, talk event, are available in a variety of scenes, such as photography and exhibitions (in use there is a review).

※ The co-lab Nishi-Azabu members, there are benefits of free use. For more details, until the concierge.