Our furniture is designed in mind based on user’s style, habits and practicality. With this, we proposed and designed furniture to meet our customer’s expectations



black-boxSupport seamless process with
just one type of furniture.

As more and more people are heading towards the open office space design, WORKFIT is designed with the new-generation working style in mind. Its open design style facilitates better communication between colleagues and co-workers, and allows for a quicker exchange of information amongst parties.



black-boxCollaboration space is the
new social space.

As more corporations have shifted to ABW concept. There is a blur line between a collaboration space and social space. They can be at a same place after all! The office space was designed to encourage more collaboration, communication and connection between the employees, thus improving the well-being and overall performance.



black-boxNow everyone can
Work Better.

AirAsia Japan opened up its new office in Chubu International Airport (Centrair).
They named the office as “Red Base”. In order to appeal their brand image, visitors’ area is decorated with many graphic images in their corporate colours.
The new office is well designed for various kinds of professionals to collaborate each other, as well as to have flexibility for sharp increase in the number of staffs in the future.

Comfortable and relaxing lounge area is a multipurpose space for such as a break, dining, and a party. And it enhances communications among employees.